Edna Township
Otter Tail County, Minnesota
Welcome to the web site for Edna Township!

The Edna Township meetings are held in the Dent
Community Center. The regular monthly meeting time
is 8 p.m.

Absentee ballot request forms are available here.
Please note that the request form is NOT mailed to the
township, it must be mailed to the Otter Tail County,
see the address on page 2 of the request form.

Be advised that Edna Township will be spraying for
noxious weeds and brush in the township road
right-of-ways surrounding Little McDonald Lake. If
you have noxious weeds, especially poison ivy, notify
Carol Nelson at 346-3854, or Echo Dockter at
echo@ednatownship.org. Please be sure to include
your phone number.
The spraying is planned to start in October, 2016.
Any Edna Township resident that does not want the
right-of-way adjacent to their property sprayed for
weeds or brush will need to sign a no-spray form and
return it to the clerk by October 1, 2016.

no-spray form is available here. You may return it
by email (scan and send) or mail. Be sure to allow
enough time for the mail to be delivered BEFORE
October 1, 2016.