Edna Township
Otter Tail County, Minnesota
Welcome to the web site for Edna Township!

The Edna Township meetings are held in the Dent
Community Center. The regular monthly meeting time
is 8 p.m.

Filing for one supervisor for a 3 yr term and one
clerk for a 2 yr term will begin on January 2 and
continue to 5 p.m. on January 16. The clerk will be
at the Dent Community Center from 1-5 on
January 16 and other times by prior arrangement.
The election will be held on March 13, from 5-8pm.
The annual meeting will be held on March 13,
beginning at 8:05p.m.

All interested parties along North and East Little
McDonald Drives:
the re-grading and paving of these roads will be
discussed at the November township meeting (Nov
21) The Board is looking for input from the stake
holders regarding the elevation of the roads.
This will be a continuing discussion, from now until
at least the Spring of 2018. You are always welcome
to attend a meeting.

Carol Nelson is the supervisor in charge of Weed
Control. Please call her if you have noxious weeds on
or near your property. Edna Township will take care of
weed control in the township road right-of-ways, but
we need your help identifying the places that have
noxious weeds.

Edna Township will use chemical control (spraying) to
control weeds. If you wish to opt out of the township
spraying weeds in the road ditches on your property
please be sure to get this
form to Carol Nelson as soon
as possible.