Edna Township
Otter Tail County, Minnesota
Welcome to the web site for Edna Township!

The Edna Township meetings are held in the Dent
Community Center. The regular monthly meeting time
is 8 p.m.

There is a now an Edna Township Mailbox Policy.
You can see it
here and on the Policies page.

April 16, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.
The hearing will be held to consider the adoption of a
resolution adopting, updating and recording at the Otter
Tail County Recorder's office the unrecorded township
roads with the township, thereby making them official
Township roads within Edna Township.

If adopted, each road listed will be recorded as a 4 rod
road with the official and permanent alignment being 33
feet on either side of the existing center line, except that
(1) town line roads may be recorded for only the 33
feet located within the town holding the public hearing,
and (2) roads less or greater than the
66-foot-right-of-way may be recorded at the actual
width and the width must be recorded on the map.
Minn. Stat. 164.35 Subd 4 (c). The town also intends
to record those roads that have been maintained by the
town and used by the public for at least 6 consecutive
years. These roads become town roads by virtue of
such use and maintenance to the width of actual use.
Minn. Stat, 160.05 Subd 1.

Please contact the clerk with questions.

Gary Schattschneider  is the supervisor in charge of
Weed Control. Please call him if you have noxious
weeds on or near your property. Edna Township will
take care of weed control in the township road
right-of-ways, but we need your help identifying the
places that have noxious weeds.

Edna Township will use chemical control (spraying) to
control weeds. If you wish to opt out of the township
spraying weeds in the road ditches on your property
please be sure to get this
form to Gary Schattschneider
as soon as possible.